Daniel Coiffure Salon de Beaute

Our purpose...

Wonderful hair starts with customer-focused. We study the individual characteristics, personal data and the distinguishing personal style that each hair cut and hair styling have great accuracy and diligence. So we create the ultimate personalized look that is the most special and unique for everyone.

Our Story...

A great hair cut & colour starts with you!

The shape of your face. The tone of your skin. The angle of your jaw. The sense of personal style. The lines in a Daniel Coiffure haircut highlight your best features. The color is special and unique to you. In Daniel Coiffure proud for total hair look we create with the client shaft combining haircut, color and hairstyle.

Our Commitment

Total hair look & service experience.

The unique haircuts are designed to accentuate your individuality. high definition color complements the shape of your haircut. Professional hair care products strengthen and provide natural glow, with invisible control and visible movement. All these achieve full control of a hair look that can be regenerated daily.